Fiammetta V. Made in Italy

Fiammetta V. is the new brand created by the entrepreneurial spirit of Fiammetta Vanelli which stands for a production process completely ‘Made in Italy’. The link which ties the Vanelli family to ‘Marble’ has ancient roots. Back in 1818 the Duchess of Massa-Carrara, Maria Beatrice D’Este awarded the Vanelli family the right of excavation of this precious material on the Betogli mountain. In 1936, Aldo Vanelli bought quarry number 67 and created the underpinnings for the current family enterprise. Today, the Vanelli group owns several quarries from which high quality marbles are extracted enabling the enterprise to create top value products like ‘Lo Statuarietto’, the ‘Venatino Betogli’, the ordinary ‘Venato Chiaro’, the ‘Paonazzo’ and the ‘Bardiglio’. However the real star product in terms of value for the company is the famous ‘Statuario’ marble, acknowledged around the world for its purity and beauty which has fascinated artists of all generations. Fiammetta inherits from her family a passion for the material and a fine art culture which leads her to combine art, design and marble. Through Fiammetta V. synergies with designers and artisans have led to the creation of furnishing accessories for lines like House, Kitchen, Bathroom. Every product which is branded Fiammetta V. maintains and communicates the distinction and commitment of ‘Italian Hand Made’ .


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